3 mins | Uncover the limiting beliefs

In this blog let’s go deeper in understanding the simple framework to uncover limiting belief.

Beliefs are simple thoughts that we hold very strongly in our minds. These aren’t left to argue or think about, we have simply accepted the truth. And this is where the problem starts.

The beliefs stay in the subconscious mind, as the name suggests, its sub-conscious, below conscious. It means we are not aware of the activity of that mind. 

Being sub-conscious, the belief influences our emotions and actions without even our awareness. Research highlights that the subconscious mind controls around 95% of our behaviour and actions. 

The things we habitually do, think, feel, say all are governed by the subconscious mind. Imagine driving, typing, speaking certain habitual words, cooking food, making choices… these are all subconscious in nature.

The real issue happens when a behaviour is not helping us. It becomes a negative pattern causing trouble in our lives. 

Some typical examples of negative beliefs are 

– Life is difficult 

– It’s not easy

– I can’t do it 

– I am not good enough 

– I can’t succeed 

These are what I call foundational beliefs. These impact our life beyond our imagination. Until these are not shifted, we become our own victims 

Patterns repeat, issues persist, pain is felt. 

But the moment you decide to shift them, you start experiencing a new reality. A new perspective, a new feeling, a new awareness dawns on you.

So how do we uncover the limiting beliefs? Here is a simple framework. 

I call it “P-N-B framework”. (An easy trick to remember is PNB bank was also in trouble). Let’s understand this properly.

1. P – Problem 

The first place to find limiting beliefs is the area in your life where you are facing a lot of problems. Whichever area is stuck for you, that’s where a corresponding limiting belief in the subconscious is present. 

Let’s take an example – Mohit was unable to get timely promotion in his job. Frustrated and irritated, he ought to give up. So, as we discussed in a coaching call, he figured he had a limiting belief that “he was not good enough and deserving of good things in life:” 

This belief was the obstacle that stopped him from doing a great amount of work and also attracting great things. 

So, whichever area you have a problem with, there is a limiting belief present there. 

2. N – Negative feeling

All limiting beliefs will have a negative emotion associated with them. The moment you repeat the negative belief, your body will make you feel a certain emotion. The emotion will create a feeling of uneasiness. 

So when you have several beliefs, repeat them and see which one makes you feel uneasy and negative.

3. B – Because 

This is the easiest and powerful tool. How do you use it?

You just have to simply ask a question. Let’s take an example 

– I am not getting a promotion because …

– I am not getting the right partner because …

– I am not achieving success because …

Whatever thoughts come to you after because are generally your limiting beliefs. Note them down and check with your feelings. You will see the resonance.

So this is a powerful framework to discover the limiting beliefs. 

I hope you put this to practice.

Let me know if you have any questions, you will get a response from me. 

Be iconic and uncover your limitations.

Avinash Anand Singh

Breakthrough coach

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