3 mins | How to make a belief stronger in the subconscious mind

Let’s understand how to make a positive belief stronger in the subconscious mind. 

I share a simple framework to do it. 

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So let’s talk about the beliefs.

Whether a belief is stronger or weaker, it depends on the level of acceptance and how strongly you hold it as a truth.

The level of acceptance is in the conscious mind. Consciously whether you believe this idea or not? Beliefs are different from facts. 

The fact is we are living in 2021. Belief is whether we are living in good or bad times. 

A belief is subjective, a fact is not. 

Hence, the first step to making a belief stronger is to consciously accept it. Start believing in the idea. You know it’s yet not true, still, you are choosing to believe in it. 

For example, I choose to believe that I can live a great life. I choose to believe that I am growing or becoming a very smart and intelligent person.

The second step is, to repeat this idea multiple times. 

Repetition is the key to having a strong belief. A thought or idea repeated strongly becomes stronger in the mind. 

The third step to making a belief stronger is to live out of that belief.

This is a very powerful step. Every belief has a corresponding thought, emotions, and body language linked to it. 

A negative belief will trigger negative emotions and weak body language. A positive belief will trigger positive emotions and a strong, powerful body language, 

So, ask yourself, if you believe that you are growing to be an intelligent person and will achieve great success in life, how would you feel and act

Now the key is, can you feel and act like it, at this moment. When you start living out of the belief, the subconscious starts accepting it as the truth.

So, the framework simply is – Accept the idea, repeat it and live out of it. 

What belief do you wish to make it stronger in you?

Are you consciously accepting the idea to be true?

Are you repeating it daily multiple times?

Are you living out of it? How are your emotions and actions?

I implore you to apply this 3-step framework and see how it changes your reality. 

Let me know if you have any questions, you will get a response from me. 

Be iconic and make the belief stronger. 

Avinash Anand Singh

Breakthrough coach

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