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Why are your dreams not coming true?

Are you someone who has recently discovered the law of attraction but you are somehow unable to achieve your desired breakthrough? If this is true, you have come to the right place. The truth is the law of attraction is an age-old phenomenon, however, most people are not aware about the right practices that they need to employ in order to achieve their desired breakthrough or transformation.

If you are someone who is not able to achieve your desired breakthrough, there is nothing to worry about. It is not that the Universe is against you. It just means time that you get into the right alignment and raise your vibrations. You can manifest anything and everything that you seek with the right vibrations.

Law of attraction is simply based on the idea that you are what you believe. Let us say that you are seeking material abundance in your life, you need to believe in the idea of abundance and believe that you already have what you seek. You will never be able to manifest something that you do not strongly believe in. For instance, if you are manifesting a fictional character to be your soulmate, you will not be able to manifest because you don’t believe in the idea. The idea is very simple: dream, believe and achieve.

This is because your conscious mind has the liberty to  use the power of reason but your subconscious mind simply records whatever you feed it. That is what is emitted in the universe and it gives you results. If you cultivate gratitude and positive thoughts, your subconscious mind will record them and you will get optimistic results and vice versa. Here are some of the steps that will amplify the power of your manifestation and it will help you achieve your desired breakthrough.

1)  Contemplate, Are you truly aligned?

Sometimes, we might want something with all our heart but we are not truly aligned with the idea of it. That is the reason why you need to figure out whether you are truly aligned with what you are seeking. Law of attraction and manifestation rests upon the idea that we need to match our energy and frequency with the idea of what we are seeking.

Let us make it easy with an example: If you are manifesting a soulmate but you don’t believe that you will be loved right or you don’t practice self love, you will not be able to manifest a soul mate. To manifest a soul mate of your dreams, you need to believe that you are loved, worthy of love and you need to express love and gratitude. You need to believe in the fact that you have a soul mate of your dreams and you are loved the way you want. You can definitely amplify the idea with the help of affirmations, subliminals, scripting but the main idea is to get your energy in tune.

Most importantly, you should always remember that you are manifesting for yourself and not something that other people expect out of you. People often manifest things that are imposed upon them by others.

This is the reason why alignment and energy has to remain the core ideas whenever you are trying to manifest something. This is the first step.

2) Gratitude, Gratitude, All the way.

We were talking about alignment and energy, this is something very interrelated. You can never manifest or practice the law of attraction with a lack mindset. You cannot be negative or complaining if you are trying to manifest something. This is the reason why practicing gratitude is something which is very important.

It is important to remain grateful for everything that you have and cultivate the similar idea when you are trying to manifest something. For example, if you are manifesting a huge amount of money but you are constantly complaining about your present financial condition, you will not be able to manifest abundance.

This is because it is the “lack” that your subconscious registers.

Therefore, let us say that you are manifesting a certain amount of money but you don’t know what it feels like to own that kind of an amount, start by manifesting small. Organise a step-by-step process, set goals and soon you’ll witness the magic! Manifest what you can easily achieve, challenge yourself only then you will get the desired results.

3) Learn to let go

Let us consider, you are doing everything in your favour. You are using affirmations, all the techniques and you are manifesting. Even then you are not receiving the desired result. So you wonder, where is the delivery from the Universe?

This is because maybe you are obsessed with the result and you are holding on too tight. You need to learn to “let it go”. Now you might be confused on one hand you are supposed to believe with all your might but on the other hand you’re being advised to let go.

Let us make it easy with an example, let us say, you ordered food online. Do you actually go to the concerned restaurant and wait outside the door of the chef? No, you simply wait for it. It is the same with the universe. Being overly obsessed with your results displays a lack of trust which delays your results. Let it go and watch it come faster.

4) You are not specific enough

You really need to be specific with what you are manifesting. For example, you manifest that you seek mental peace. Mental peace could be getting a good sleep or getting rid of a circumstance that bothers you. Therefore, you need to be really specific as to what you want. That is when you will be able to manifest what you are truly seeking.

5) You are not taking action

Merely believing will not get you your desired result. You need to work towards your goal. A very common example is, people manifest a certain degree of fitness or a type of appearance. But merely believing will not help, you need to follow a certain kind of diet and lifestyle.

Therefore, it is very important that you take action for what you are manifesting.

That is it, if you follow these steps, trust the process and remain patient you will be able to manifest a lot better. It is very important to believe that you have already received whatever you are seeking and remaining grateful for it.

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