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Today we will go deeper into understanding how we choose a breakthrough goal. Last week we did a massive and intensive program on goal setting and vision board using the very powerful framework of “ORRA”. The recording with lifetime access is available for sale. Please reply to this mail to know more about it.

Breakthrough goals are goals that can help us change our life orbit in no time. It’s tapping the power of miracles and helping us achieve the big goals. 

Though logically, most people would see it as mere fantasy, some would really take a step forward.

So, for deciding on a breakthrough goal, there are three simple steps you can apply.

1. Choose a breakthrough goal that has the power of exponentially uplifting your career. It’s not about learning a new skill, but a skill that can skyrocket your income by 10-20 times. Which are the high income-generating skills in the market today.

 Do you feel a pull towards any?

2. A breakthrough goal must be related to some of your interests and hobbies. The involvement of your heart is very important. It can make the path much easier. Naturally, better results flow when we are doing something which is interesting to us.

3. Taking action for a breakthrough goal must not be too huge a task. For example, having a breakthrough for being a bestseller author requires you to write every single day. Whereas having a breakthrough goal of building a clothing brand in 6 months’ time requires a lot of capital, work, etc. 

Put any breakthrough goal in the 3 steps above and see if it qualifies.

Some examples of breakthrough goals that can skyrocket your career…

1. Writing a book

2. Starting a YouTube channel

3. Becoming a podcaster 

4. Learning skills like copywriting or digital media

5. Creating your online course 

6. Building your personal brand (influencer)

7. Picking up a certificate from a top institution

8. Becoming a coach 

9. Starting a side hustle (your passion)

10. Investing or being part of promising startups

There could be so many more ideas. The key is to start thinking on these lines. Once you put your brain to work, you will be amazed by the results which may follow. 

I will be happy to have any of your queries clarified. Just reply to this email with your questions. 

Take out time and think of what breakthrough goals can help you elevate the quality of your life. 

Be Iconic & Rise

Avinash Anand Singh

Breakthrough Coach

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