5 steps to make any change easier

The steps below I have used with my own life and it has helped me remove the obstacles that were keeping me from reaching my goals.

The five steps are as follows;

1. Know the outcome

This is the starting point of all change. You must know what is the outcome you want for yourself. Most people get stuck or fail in making any substantial change in life because they don’t know what’s the outcome they want.

Eg. – Getting healthy, or making more money are vague outcomes. Losing 10 kg in 3 months or increasing my income by 30-50 % are more clear outcomes.

2. Know the why

Change process is messy. Most people don’t like the mess. So, what’s the best way? Quit.

If you look at the people who don’t quit and persist through making any change are the people who know their WHY very clearly. You need to know the specific reasons you are making the changes for. Stronger the reasons, the more fuel you have with you.

3. What’s the cost you are willing to pay?

Nothing new can come until we are willing to let go of something old. Letting go becomes easier if we know what to let go of. Can you become clear on what kind of sacrifices you are willing to make for the changes you want for yourself? Writing and being clear on this gives you enough mental and emotional bandwidth to deal with the process when it becomes hard.

4. Macro plan & micro-step

This is a crucial step. You don’t set off on the journey without having a plan. Having a macro plan consisting of broader points regarding the areas you are making changes is important. A macro plan must have 3 things. The start, the middle, and the end. Getting clarity on these 3 phases of change gives you enough push to move ahead.

The micro-step gives you the start at this moment. It’s a tiny habit or little step, you are going to do daily or alternative days for this change to be successful. All changes are easy if they are done in small steps.

5. The reward you will get

We all need the dopamine rush, the feel-good chemical which motivates us to work for any goal. Hence, getting super clear on what is the reward you will give to yourself once the change happens, is an extremely crucial step in the entire process.

I know that is a lot of information but please take the time to read it. Journaling on these questions will be super effective and potent.

Let me know what your experience is & share your valuable feedback in comments below.

Till the next one, Be iconic.


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