The 3 important changes we must make to live a beautiful life

1. The first change is the foundation of all changes in life. This is a change in the “mindset”.

The centre point of all your life is you. And in you, the centre point is your mind. No change can happen in your life until you make it in your mind. The mind is an extremely powerful device. It can take you to heights of success or, deep down inside, failure.

When we talk about change in mindset, it simply means moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Having done years of research, Dr.Carol Dweck from Stanford University, coined the term, “fixed and growth mindset”.

A simple example of that would be: imagine a child failing an exam. The fixed mindset driven child will say, “I am good for nothing, I can never do any good in life”. Whereas a child driven by a growth mindset will say, “Oh I seem to miss learning something. This is a good opportunity for me to learn and improve”.

You see how both have a completely different perception and eventually totally different results.

So, start your work on building a growth mindset. The best way to start is by reading the book “Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck”.

2. The second powerful change must happen in your energy.

Clearly, no great work can be done by staying in low energy. Almost all great things come out of high energy. All inventions, discoveries, movements are born of high energy.

Low energy simply means being consistently in stress, fear, sadness, worry, etc. High energy means living with joy, peace, happiness, excitement, exuberance, and positivity.

Just by shifting to a high – energy driven life, you can effortlessly create so many things for yourself. High energy is a natural state for human beings.

So, this week, start practicing shifting to happiness, joy, peace, love, and gratitude energies as often as you can.

Done consistently, and making it a habit, you are setting up a strong foundation to live an amazing life.

3. The third powerful change is in your ability to take the right actions and resist wrong actions.

Great work and great success are not just the results of doing the right things. But they also are the result of stopping yourself from doing the wrong things.

Developing the habit of doing the right thing which is required to be done irrespective of what you think and feel, is a great power we have.

Similarly, training the mind to stop doing the wrong things, which can pull us backward, is also a great power.

Ex – Starting a routine of 10 mins exercise daily. Stopping the action of eating junk food daily. Over here, both these actions can simultaneously amplify the results you get.

So, these are 3 powerful changes we all must make now. These changes set the tone for living a great life for all of us.

Some questions for your reflection.

1. What’s one quick action you can take as soon as you finish reading the article to make a change?

2. Think of 3 benefits you will have by making these changes.

3. What could be an obstacle for you that could stop you from making these changes, and how would you tackle them?

I hope you enjoy reading this. Please comment your response below.

All comments are read by me directly.

Be Iconic and stretch your limits.

Avinash Anand Singh

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