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In this blog, we want to go deeper into the process of building Invincible confidence. 

What do you think is the difference between people who achieve massive results and those who may not? 

One key factor which ensures winning is “how long one is willing to hold on?

If you look at those people closely, you will find they both go through similar situations.

1. Many short failures on the way

2. Long, focused effort

3. Ups and downs

4. No quick results 

Then why do some keep holding on and some give up?

Out of many reasons possible, one of the strongest reasons I feel is confidence. Having invincible confidence is a powerful weapon one can carry with them.

So, how can we build invincible confidence? Here are several ways.

1. Body Language 

Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy has studied the effect of body posture on our emotional and mental state. What she has found is that individual posture sends messages to the brain that can actually change the way you feel. So, if you want to feel more confident, then sit up straight, smile, or use different power poses. This can be really powerful if it is built as a habit.

Action Step: Become aware of what one body language makes you feel confident. Practice that several times throughout the day

2. Developing a mindset of confidence

Confidence ultimately is a game of mindset. What is your view of yourself? How do you perceive yourself? Weak or strong? Smart or foolish? The way you see yourself has a direct impact on how you feel. Hence, developing a strong perception of self is really very important. 

Action Step: Practice this affirmation by looking in the mirror, 21 times for 21 days. “I am becoming smarter, intelligent, strong, and confident”. Repetition programs the subconscious mind. 

3. Overcoming some fear or difficulty 

You need to have some reference in the brain where you have overcome any obstacles or fear. Consciously ask yourself, “What is one fear I can overcome?” or “What is a hard task I am avoiding?” Choose to do this and bring the belief that you are a confident person. You do not succumb to the challenges. 

Action Step: Choose a fear or challenge. Make a strategy to overcome it this week. 

4. Visualize 

Mental rehearsal is extremely powerful. Visualization is known to create new neuro-patterns in the brain. It is extremely powerful to hack one’s own brain. 

Action Step: Imagine the most confident person you know. See his or her picture clearly. Now, imagine yourself becoming like this person. Match everything, the way they are standing, talking, walking, doing some task. Repeat this visualization daily for 5 mins for 30 days. 

5. Develop a gift or skill within you.

Ask yourself what is one thing which I can develop to make me feel super confident. Is there a gift I have that I haven’t worked on? Is there a skill I need to pick up? Is there a body of knowledge I want to learn? What is it which can help you build that confidence?

Action Step: Allocate 10 mins daily towards this activity. Nothing beats actual progress. When you can systematically move and grow. 

These are 5 easy yet extremely powerful ways of building confidence. You must practice this to see a shift within you.

Strong confidence plays a very critical role in one’s success. 

Ask me anything you wish to, just send a reply.

Be iconic and grow in confidence.

Avinash Anand Singh 

Breakthrough coach 

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