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Becoming Superhuman

"The Womb Of Creation"

3 Nights - 4 Days Residential Program

Venue: Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Karjat

" 1st Aug (Thur) to 4th Aug (Sun), 2024 "

Some facts

Do you know there are ancient Tibetan rituals which can help you unleash tremendous energy for vibrant health and rejuvenate your system?

Do you know recent neuroscience research highlights that till very last day of your life your brain can be rewired?

Do you know the science of epigenetics highlights that your thoughts and emotions affect your genes?

Do you know the human heart creates the strongest energy field in the entire body and you can influence this energy field by a very specific breathing pattern?

Do you know that you can change your brain waves to tap into greater creativity and intuition by simply shifting your awareness?

Do you know there are different bodies (koshas) which affects every area of your life and you can affect them by learning advance practices?

What you'll learn inside the course

Mastering the tools of peak performance for sharp rise in focus and productivity

Access higher intelligence to amplify intuition, creativity and super growth

Leverage the tools to create massive wealth & greater impact in the world

Why should you join the Residential Retreat?

Areas Of Life You Will Master

Our Happy Clients!

There are some events in your life that change your perspective forever, for me it was the 'Womb of Creation', Residential program by Avinash.

While all the programs had powerful messages the residential program weaved the story behind all this as it goes deeper in understanding how this law of attraction actually works, how energy works and responds to us.

It expanded my view & help me advance in my human journey of life, I really cannot explain in words but the experience is out of the world!!!! There is energy for those 4 days in that room, which can only be experienced there. I can only say I feel I have tapped into a treasure house of knowledge.

The practices shared during the session are extremely powerful!!!! Highly recommend the workshop as a lifetime opportunity, this WILL change life.

Payal Khanna Sr. manager HR, GreyOrange Pre Ltd.

Residential program is a self transforming journey.

A program of 4 days and you carry memories for lifetime with you. You learn a lot of new concepts and how to apply them in our day to day life. Our mindset rules most of our life.

A change in that can bring a drastic change in our life, I learned to overcome my fears and manifest the life I want for myself and connect to my higher self.

Overall amazing experience and Avinash Sir is best at what he teaches.

Kresha Chetan Halani Graphic designer and Yoga Therapist Freelancer

I am mentee of Coach Avinash & Charu since 2021. There was urge & a feeling of incompleteness, lack within me always. Physical Challenges, Relationship Challenges, etc. Never felt fulfilled.

Residential program was the best gift I gave myself.
Our Coach is limitless, just keeps pouring 💯 of his to help us achieve our goals & desires.

The practices , tools given are Miraculous provided we are consistent in doing them. Icing on cake is - monetarily all that you invest, the universe pays more than that at earliest.

Blessed to Have Avinash ji as my Life Coach as well. One must never miss opportunity to register for any of his programme. Very honest ,dedicated, grounded Coach we are immensely blessed 🙏🪄✨. He walks what he talks.
Thank you so very much 🙏🙏🙏.

Dr. Snehal Bafna Entrepreneur

Avinash Anand Singh👌 this name I have heard first time from my husband Gajanan😊. Gajanan used to practice his daily meditations. After asking him about what he is doing; he told me that he has done Coach Avinash's online basic program.

Since the first day of session to last day of session every hour was full of knowledge, energy, excitement and thrill. I got clarity about micro concepts of energy science with the practical meditations healing process and many many more. 🌞🌟

The program helped me experience energy, abundance, healing, and discover my true purpose on earth.

Beautiful part of journey with coach Avinash is his way of coaching is itself filled with full of energy, enthusiasm and happiness. He makes sure of each and everyone is part of it. 🌟 🫶And coach is still with us to fine tune us since the program day through his online zoom sessions and making sure that we are implementing the tools he taught us.

Rajashree Diwan Sub divisional Engineer, Public Works Department, Pune

The Womb Of Creation was absolutely life changing!! The GURU called Avinash Anand Singh was phenomenal and my good karma that I got connected with him.

The entire programme was filled with wisdom, knowledge, physical activities, mental activities, emotional bursts and immense realisations.

What If someone suddenly makes us realise that the life that we are living is a dream and there is another dimension to our existence? The dimension of energy, aura, science and cosmic consciousness?

This training has opened the door to so much new information, ideas and a new path of life. He has changed my life completely. I am so much focused, clear in my thoughts, my belief system has become so positive & flexible mentally now. I have started loving myself so much more than I thought I ever would.

My world has turned completely upside. From the very depth of my heart, I just Love you for being my Guiding Star.

Vaishali Kulal Director : Workhyve Technologies

The Womb of Creation, a 4-day residential program, came at the perfect time when I needed a booster dose of motivation, positivity, and guidance.

I was very lucky to be in the very first batch of TWOC, As we all know Avi ji and his intention and motivation to transform lives, this program was structured and arranged in a superlative manner in all aspects - starting from the 5 star superlative hotel stay, facilities, amenities, the core course syllabus - mind blowing theories, loads of meditations and practical sessions, group activities, galores of funs and a beautiful bunch of souls as fellow mates! I would say it was one of the key, important 4 days that reshaped my life and future.

Entering the Womb of Creation guarantees a life-changing transformation, thanks to Avi ji and his team's unwavering commitment to participants. With ongoing practice and follow-up for six months, there's nothing more one could ask for in terms of positive change. Thank you, Avi ji and your team, for your dedication.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Suresh Nair COO, Magictail Works

I cannot thank Avinash enough for this amazing opportunity as it has been a life transforming experience. Before I went there, I was in a state of full confusion, dull, sad and my mind was not stable. I wanted something badly but I did not know what it was.

It truly happened that way. Each day was so enriching, fun, practical and satisfying. My mind became calm, got answers to so many questions in my mind, got to know myself better, understood where and how I have to focus and learnt some good techniques that would transform my life.

Few techniques and practices I can never forget - pool activity to overcome fear, seeing death and coming back, creating a new future, yoga nidra and pineal gland meditation. I can write pages regarding this as it is a workshop one should really experience, cannot comprehend in words.

I have mentally fixed and accepted Avinash as my Guru, Mentor and my Lighthouse for this life...Thank you so much Avinash and blessed I am to be a part of this. I am very very grateful to you for making this happen  ðŸ™ðŸ»ðŸ™ðŸ»


A great coach like Avinash wont teach you how to be great or give you the answers on how to be happy in life, rather he will help you see that you transform to that level on your own.

That its only you who can achieve what you desire for by teaching you the techniques, the importance of the practices and the discipline that you have to follow. Truly speaking, this wasn’t a life changing experience but in fact a rebirth.

"He's a world-class coach with expertise in both spirituality and science, and a strong intellectual background."

The teachings that we were exposed to was profound and the difference I realized when I returned to my routine life. I came back as a totally transformed version of myself, where I was full of positivity, awareness, focused, compassionate, expressing gratitude for every little thing, practicing forgiveness & most importantly being unconditionally happy. Opting for this residential programme in my life was a divine gift for me. All Heart Goes out for Avinash Anand Singh …. Immense Gratitude

Lalit Jain Director : Maanya Quicksoucre Pvt Ltd

TWOC – The Womb Of Creation ---

Such a simple statement explained with an depth knowledge and teachings by none other than our Coach Avinash.

This has been the most amazing experience of my life with 32 other such souls, all strangers to me, yearning to learn something different and transformational. You have taught us so much and have opened our eyes, minds and hearts to a whole new multi-pathed realm through your residential programme.

Your Intensive teachings on Sub-Consciousness, Quantum Science, Energy Frequency and the Cosmic Consciousness was just amazing.

The impression you made on my mind and my life and also my heart is enormous. Thank you for such a life changing journey. Your wit, skill, love, tolerance, humbleness, wisdom and art of teaching is forever tattooed in my memories of this first real in-depth transformational journey.

Amrita Kulkarni Director : Maanya Quicksoucre Pvt Ltd

Right from childhood, I learned to stay away from anything which could be superstitious. So, it was naturally very difficult for me to convince my logical mind about the presence and significance of spiritual energy. However, my curiosity to explore and understand was at its peak.

It is a saying that few things are written and cannot be planned.

All of a sudden, I got to know Avinash and two days later attended his program “Subconscious Mind Intensive” in Mumbai. His style of clubbing science and facts from established research on quantum physics with spirituality fundamentals fascinated me.

This was the beginning of the new world of Energies. A couple of months back, I attended the Avinash Residential program.

Seriously experienced the “bliss” there. Thanks, Avinash for a wonderful Experience.

Dhiraj Sharma Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for beautiful session to enlightening us for limitless energy, forgiveness blessing by certaing future meditation i got connected emotionally I am practicing regularly with feeling to manifest things with high energy and frequencies and vibrations on my work and body and my future of-out come.

Pavan reddy B R MD Sanjeevini builders

I recently attended a 3-day workshop with Avinash because I needed to feel energized. My experiences were not syncing, and I felt like I was in a rut. However, the workshop was a complete game-changer. From feeling low on energy at first, I left feeling completely rejuvenated.

The biggest lesson that I took away from the workshop was that everything around is energy and that we are beings of pure consciousness .

This realization gave me a new perspective on my experiences and helped me to feel more in sync with the world around me.

The workshop also stimulated a daily practice that has been invaluable in keeping me focused and motivated.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who needs a boost of energy and a new outlook on life.

Shai Coelho. Founder Vtrender Inc


Course curriculum

• Understanding & tapping the power of Consciousness
• Destroy the limiting identity & self image
• Creating a powerful self-image to hack the cybernetics part of the brain
• Destroying limiting story and building a new one
• Learning to access higher intuition and energy
• Discovering deeper unconscious fears & resolving them
• Understanding & healing multiple bodies or koshas
• Using advanced visualization tools to remove fears from 4 deeper level
of subconscious mind

• In-depth healing of Inner child – releasing feeling of lackness, abandonment &
• Healing wounds from birth & integrating the inner child (Body Reset Meditation)
• Deep dive in quantum physics, unified field theory
• Real time experiments to see the impact of energy and manifestations
• Powerful SAGE meditation to connect with Quantum Field
• Individual and group experiments
• Learning Quantum field manifestation process (Super advanced)

• Decoding the mystery of pineal gland
• Powerful tools to access it
• Learn to activate higher intuition and intelligence
• Discovering the intelligence of heart & state of flow
• Learning heart-brain coherence > > the key to peak performance
• Tools to bring the heart and brain in coherence
• Activating the heart intelligence – Practice of group healing and telepathy
• Epigenetics and discovering the key principles and practices
• Learning how to influence genes – process of activating & deactivating genes

• Understanding the core principles of law of attraction
• Integrating the ultimate formula of using law of Attraction
• Learning the ancient secret manifestation tools - AIECV
• Powerful SBRT process to program cells of the body
• Massive improvements in confidence, conviction, clarity, self discipline
• Learning about creative mentors
• Learning to download energies, insights and ideas from great teachers

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Our Success Stories!

Early Bird 1

Till 10th June

Rs 1,50,000
  • 1 Ticket
  • Including 18 % GST
  • Stay, Food in a 5 star property – Radission Blu, Karjat
  • 4 months practice (weekly once)
  • You can book 2 individual 60 mins coaching session with Avinash by paying INR 11,000 extra
  • (6-12 month EMI options with Razorpay directly)

Early Bird 2

Till 20th June

Rs 1,75,000
  • 1 Ticket
  • Including 18 % GST
  • Stay, Food in a 5 star property – Radission Blu, Karjat
  • 4 months practice (weekly once)
  • You can book 2 individual 60 mins coaching session with Avinash by paying INR 11,000 extra
  • (6-12 month EMI options with Razorpay directly)


After 20th June

Rs 2,00,000
  • 1 Ticket
  • Including 18 % GST
  • Stay, Food in a 5 star property – Radission Blu, Karjat
  • 4 months practice (weekly once)
  • You can book 2 individual 60 mins coaching session with Avinash by paying INR 11,000 extra
  • (6-12 month EMI options with Razorpay directly)

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Bonuses Worth of INR 2 Lakhs+

Bonus 1

Unlimited participation in online Abundance Mindset Intensive batch for entire 1 year

Value INR 1,89,990

Bonus 2

One complimentary pass for Abundance mindset intensive batch 10 Days

Value INR 18,999

Bonus 3

Creative Visualisation Mastery Course - INR 15000 (7+ hours)

Value INR 15000

Bonus 4

Access to 3 courses – Law of Karma, Thought power, Protection from negative energy

Value INR 12000

Bonus 5

Access to mastermind private community for 1 year

Value INR 25000

Meet Your Coach
Avinash Anand Singh

  • Avinash is a PCC certified from International Coaching Federation, Former Member of Forbes Coaches Council, a Transformational coach, one of India's foremost coach on Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind, Speaker, Writer, and works in the area of connecting Science and Spirituality. He works with some of the top companies, CXOs, Entrepreneurs as a coach enabling them to manifest greater results.

  • He is certified in Positive Neuroplasticity training by Dr Rick Hanson , a practitioner of Law of Attraction, NLP & certified CTI Co-Active fundamental coach, Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic healer & a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

  • He keenly follows the area of Quantum Physics, Neuro Plasticity, Positive Psychology, and incorporates the recent development in his work.

  • He is driven by an insurmountable urge & passion to help people transform and create an amazing life. He writes for Forbes, Business World magazine website, and also speaks at conferences including the United Nations MUN conference, CII as a keynote speaker.

Glimpse from our workshop

Still wondering if the workshop is for you?

  • Want to release deep unconscious fear holding you back?

  • Want to release limiting self image holding you back from achieving great things in life?

  • Want to discover the hidden power of your pineal gland which can help you tap into hihgher dimensions?

  • Want to learn the secret tools and techniques followed by world class performers?

  • Want to understand how to leavearge the science of epigenetcis to create vibrant health?

  • Want to learn the ancient yogic practices to help you reverse your ageing?

  • Want to learn how to tap into higher consciousness?

  • Want to be a part of growth minded individuals from all walks of life and be the part of the mastermind?

  • Want to learn the advance tools of rapid manifestation?

If answer to these questions is a BIG YES,

then its time for you to take action.

You will find a lot of books and courses which will tell you that you have an infinite potential within.

This is absolutely true however the real issue is that no book tells you exactly where this potential is, and how you can tap and unleash it.

This is the same question Avinash had in his mind when he started reading self help books. His quest to understand the tools and methods led him to the development of this program.

For the last 9 years, people have achieved phenomenal results following the unique tools and techniques they have learned in his sessions.  It is a complete life-changing program with tremendous power, breakthrough tools, and deep processes. 

Post this session, you will enter a new phase of life.

Nothing you will see be the same ever.




Yes you will be certified with this program

Gain credibility

The certificate highlights your effort & keen approach to learning and growing. It is proof that you take up courses to improve and become better.

Benefit for future growth

The certificate carries a lot of benefits for future endeavors.


The certificate contains the logo and sign of the instructor and it's the proof of authenticity.


Most frequent questions and answers
1st Aug (Thur) to 4th Aug (Sun), 2024
Anyone willing to transform their life by tapping the power of subconscious mind can join. 
Age limit – 14 years onwards
The course is conducted in English language.

This program is a live classroom workshop  and hence no 1:1 session is there.

The content is very comprehensive and experiential in nature.

You will walk out of the workshop being a different person. 


The session is not a motivational talk. 
It is a workshop which is designed to help the participants to create a breakthrough in life. 
The concepts and tools are some of the most powerful to manifest goals and dreams.
The concepts and tools covered in the programs are very advanced and powerful but at the same time its done in a manner which is easily understood by even a class 5 student. 
There are lot of activities included in the workshop which gives the participants a lot of clarity and understanding. 

You will be able to drop your limiting past, limiting beliefs, emotional pain you are carrying. 

You will walk out with an energy you have never experienced in your life. 



There are no results guaranteed as it also depends on how much effort you put in.
Many of our previous participants have manifested huge goals after attending the workshop. 
With our past experience, we have seen people become very positive, very open, develop a strong sense of positivity, inner joy, powerful mindset and are mostly unaffected by any kind of negativity. 

Please email to : support@avinashanandsingh.com

(Give us 24 hours to respond).

My awesome team will get back to you.

The course is already provided you at a discounted price.

Reach out to us to know about course bundle offers.

Please reach out to our team on whatsapp. 

Every participant will receive a certificate of participation.

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