3 min read | Power of beliefs & how to leverage it for your success

Let me share a powerful research which took place in Japan. 13 students who were extremely allergic to poison ivy went through this experiment. Blindfolded, each was rubbed on one hand with a harmless leaf but were told it’s a poison ivy leaf. All 13 broke out in rashes, having allergies despite the leaf being a harmless leaf.

On the other hand, when they were actually rubbed with poison ivy leaf and were told it’s a harmless leaf, only two got allergy, 11 had no impact at all.

What is this showing?

Power of belief.

When the students believed the researcher, despite the reality being something else, their mind created the allergy.

Please note that the mind is capable enough to create allergies and rashes, despite any external stimuli being present.

At the same time, when a real stimulus was present, but the students believed something else, that actually negated the effect of the poison ivy.

How powerful can the human mind be?

It has the ability to make you sick and may you well.

It can heal you from severe issues or can make you sick.

Now for a moment, replace the harmless leaf and put something else, something which is not true, but your mind believes it.

For example –

Fear of failure,

Fear of success,

Fear of public speaking,

Fear of falling sick,

Self Doubt,


Anxiety about the future,

Negative beliefs relating to your life, to your goals, dreams.

What is the impact of all these?

Physically, you feel self – defeated, lack energy to do anything, procrastination, laziness, and the situation turns out to be similar to it.

But imagine for a moment, what if you turn around the belief.

What if you start believing, you can succeed, you have the ability to learn anything, you can grow, you can achieve your goals, you can heal yourself, you can be rich.

How your own mind and body will start to behave differently. Imagine the possibilities which will open up as you do so.

Such a powerful human mind that it creates heaven and hell for you.

There are tons of research from Neuroscience, epigenetics, and positive psychology to prove this. We will go deeper in future newsletters.

How do you leverage this for yourself?

A simple 3-step process

Step 1 – Become aware of one area where you want to succeed but are unable to because of limiting beliefs. Discover what belief is.

Step 2 – Ask yourself, what empowering belief will support me. Choose a positive one.

For example – I can’t do this > I can do this

I am unworthy of success > I am worthy of success

I am not intelligent > I can learn anything I set my mind to.

I am doubtful > I am becoming confident and hopeful.

Step 3 – Consciously, every day – look in the mirror and repeat the positive belief 10 times. Do several times a day for the next 2-3 months.

You will notice a remarkable difference in yourself and in your life too.

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Do share your views in comments below, I read them all by myself.

Till the next one, be iconic and tap the power of belief.

Avinash Anand Singh

Breakthrough Coach

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