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Goal setting is an extremely powerful process. It’s a mechanism through which you can make the invisible, visible.

What stops people from setting goals?

Below are some reasons –

1. Failing to achieve previous goals

2. Laziness & procrastination

3. Unwilling to put the physical and mental effort to identify goals

If any of these reasons are holding you back, then please destroy them.

You must go full-fledged in setting goals. It gives you the possibility to achieve great results.

Process of goal setting :

Let’s see a simple 6 steps process for setting goals.

1. The first step in goal setting is to let your imagination go wild and write all that you wish to achieve for yourself. Don’t hold yourself back.

You must write all that you wish to achieve for this year.

You can divide them in different areas of your life. Like work, relationship, health, money goals & fun goals.

2. The next step is to write down the reasons why these goals are important for you to achieve.

This will help you get clarity about which goals are really worth pursuing.

3. The next step is to simply set a time frame to all these goals. If some goals are beyond one year, give them a timeline of 2-5-10 years.

If these are within one year, give them a time frame of 1-2-6-8-10 months.

All these goals must have a time frame.

4. Once the time frame is given, then allocate 1-3 important activities for each goal.

These are the activities which will help you to achieve these goals.

5. Once the activities are decided, allocate the time and day for doing these activities, and freeze them in your calendar. Once it reflects in your calendar, now it’s practical and doable.

6. The last step is to review them.

One day every week, you set a time to review these goals. It might be a Saturday or Sunday. Take out 20-30 mins and review each goal and the actions you are taking for them.

These are the 6 steps in goal setting.

No matter how big or small your goals are, if you can set them, act and persist, you can achieve them.

On 8-9 January, we are conducting a powerful 6-8 hour goal setting & vision board session. This is a live & intensive class to help you do the entire A to Z process of goal setting and making a vision board. We will also help you anchor it in your subconscious mind. The link is here to find more.

I hope you use this process to set goals for yourself and make 2022 a year of success.

Do share your goals with me if you wish me to be your accountability partner.

Till next blog post, be iconic and set powerful goals.


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