An invitation to experience professional coaching with one of the foremost & leading LOA & Subconscious mind coach.

What is Professional coaching ?

Professional coaching is a process through which the coach helps the client get unstuck, find inner resources, get clarity on goals, develop an action plan and maximize the usage of their potential.

A coach is just an enabler in the process. It’s not training or counselling.

What is the outcome of a coaching session ?

The coaching session may help you uncover blockages holding you back. It can help you with clarity, building inner strength, and an action plan towards a goal. The coaching is mostly focused on the clients' needs and objectives.  

What's the offer ?

The professional coaching sessions done by me are generally between 8-10k per session. Currently i am offering this at a minimal cost / complimentary with two broader objectives :

1. Help people during this challenging  time to develop qualities like strength, resilience, faith, power to successfully cope with challenges and get clarity and actions step to make things better for themselves

2. This coaching is also helping me complete 500 hours of mandated coaching experience both paid and pro bono, for the International coaching federation PCC certification.

Currently you can avail the coaching sessions by choosing one of the below options

• Pay nil (zero cost)
• Pay as per your desire

This offer is only valid from a period of 10 Sep 2021 to 10 Dec 2021. The slots are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Who should join ?

• People in senior, middle managerial roles struggling in any area 

• Entrepreneurs feeling stuck and unable to get a breakthrough

• Anyone who wishes to get clarity towards their goal and work on building new habits and changing old beliefs

What's the duration ?

A coaching session would be typically between 45 - 60 mins. As of now, we are allowing only one session per individual. In case if you feel the need for more sessions, you can separately contact us for more details.

About Me

Avinash is a Former Member of Forbes Coaches Council, a Transformational coach, one of India’s foremost coach on Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind, Speaker, Writer, and works in the area of connecting Science and Spirituality.

He is a practitioner of Law of Attraction, NLP & certified CTI Co-Active fundamental coach, Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic healer & a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the area of Quantum Physics, Neuro Plasticity, Positive Psychology, and incorporates the recent development in his work.

He is driven by an insurmountable urge & passion to help people transform and create an amazing life. He writes for Forbes, Business World magazine website, and also speaks at conferences including the United Nations MUN conference, CII as a keynote speaker.

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